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This podcast will transport cycling fans to an era of unwritten, thrilling cycling history - just as if you were listening to the commentary to a genuine, live cycling race.

Get ready for a story with some incredible plot twists, featuring cameo appearances by heroes from one hundred years of cycling history. It is a race into which a full century of anecdotes having to do with the Tour of Flanders have been incorporated. Don't miss this unique storytelling concept and tune in this weekend.

Rob Hatch and Matt Stephens will take you along on this fantasy Tour of Flanders with exceptional live commentary. Ruben Van Gucht and Renaat Schotte will be your reporters in the Dutch version of this Unbelievable Tour.

All the top favourites from 100 years of the Tour of Flanders have a role to play in this auditive story. This list will undoubtedly make your mouth water!

But there's more:
On Sunday you can also watch the first virtual edition of Flanders Finest for pro riders: De Ronde2020 - the lockdown edition.
Flanders Classics and Sporza developed a unique concept in collaboration with technology partners Bkool and Kiswe. After a 1 hour race, the 2020 winner will be crowned. In a closed tour reserved exclusively for professional cyclists, 13 pros will be competing during the last 32 km of the Tour of Flanders - on their home trainers. Thanks to Kiswe we will be able to watch the riders tackle a virtual Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg in real time on the Bkool platform. More information on De Ronde2020 can be found here.